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Family portraits


Post-mortem still lives

Portraits stick to reality or indulge in evocation of mind and sensibility. Equally concern dead or alive people…What's the family are they referring to. Be it lineage, community, or history. Beloved or hatred, it's always a family

The Box where all the misery of world comes from. Pandora box is a colloquial sort of ready to speak expression, still pretty accurate.
A disturbing world surges up, mankind bows, destiny goes on.
Hope, perhaps, at the bottom, as the legend explains.

Just miscellaneous objects after their useful life. Images of organic pieces.
As to the esthetical parti-pris it refers to the classical still-lives.


Other pieces

Seeking what lies beyond, in the literal sense. Leading reality astray. Depicting disappearance, appearance, and transformation. Blending tense and gender. Cast up on this fragment of our planet, organic and inorganic forms alike perform absurd scenes

They all come from a sentence, a symbol, the ideas of life, death, and sex. all are fantasy hybrids of body and soul.
The manner is figurative, allusive or purely abstract should the need occur. Strangely peculiar in any case.







This page belongs to the Marguerite Noirel's website. This french artist realise contemporary art sculpturs. She works in Paris and in Puy-de-Dôme (Auvergne).