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Pandora ... Just click on the picture to see a bigger version. What you can see in this page is only a part of the Marguerite's work... If you're interested in a particular sculptur, contact Marguerite Noirel.

Pandora n°05

Pandora n° 06



Pandora n°11

Pandora n°13

H.64x21x21 H.62x15x20

Pandora n°16

Pandora n°04

H.50x22x24 H.31x20x15

Pandora n°18

Pandora n°07

H.45x27x28 H.49x22x23

Pandora n°03

Pandora n°08

H.49x27x15 H.62x21x15

Pandora n°12

Pandora n°15

H.43x37x22 H.65x15x14

Pandora n°33

Pandora n°34

H.101x62x25 H.80x30x19

Pandora n°35

Pandora n°37

H.51x32x31 H.36x30x28
Crédit photos numériques : Jean-louis Camilleri


This page belongs to the Marguerite Noirel's website. This french artist realise contemporary art sculpturs. She works in Paris and in Puy-de-Dôme (Auvergne).