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Find below links to sites related to Marguerite Noirel.


Association Amoureux d'Art en Auvergne

Here you can find the web site of "Association Amoureux d'Art en Auvergne"  :


 Caty Lévêque

Here you can find the web site of Caty Lévêque  :


Association Mycelium

Here you can find the web site of Mycelium


Bernard Thomas-Roudeix

Here you can find the web site of Bernard Thomas-Roudeix :


Anne-Marie Vesco


Here you can find the web site of Anne-Marie Vesco  :


Réjine Halimi


Here you can find the web site of Réjine Halimi :


Jean-Louis Camilleri


He is the one who realize pics of Marguerite' sculpturs you can find in this web site. 

You can find his web site here :


Centaure (Dominique Dalemont)


The purpose of CENTAUR, co-diffuser of the book "the sculptors of metal", is to contribute to a better knowledge of sculptors, by the diffusion of works, the organization of exhibitions, visits of workshops, conferences, travels and other animations.


Mac Paris

This contemporary Art Exhibit was founded in 1985 by Benedito, whose idea was to enable painters and sculptors to show their works themselves.
Artists attend to their stand all the time, opened to discussion with amateurs and collectors



The national Trade Union of sculptors and plastic artists officially represents the profession to the authorities. It stands up for collective and personal interests of its members against law makers, ministers, courts and the market.
Independent from any political ideological or aesthetic choices, the Trade Union offers to plastic artists and sculptors, friendship, help, promotion and legal back-ups

Search at the site  « A.M.I.S », a group of artists who try to promote singular and unusual art  

Le Génie de la Bastille

After having invented a new relationship between art and the public in 1984 by  opening workshops in the district of the Bastille,  the association "the Genius of the Bastille" centered its projects of exchange with a country as central axis of its artistic practice. 

Discover this association by clicking on the picture...




This page belongs to the Marguerite Noirel's website. This french artist realise contemporary art sculpturs. She works in Paris and in Puy-de-Dôme (Auvergne).